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At the moment, payment to participate in a Brussels Matters discussion is by credit card only. This is because payment by credit card is the only way we can confirm your participation in the discussion immediately, send you the joining details and the link to the speaker's presentation on time.

We accept the following credit cards: American Express | Visa | Mastercard

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We will send you a receipt once we have received your credit card payment. The receipt will show that you have already paid to participate in the discussion. You can then use the receipt to obtain a reimbursement from your law firm/employer organisation.

We appreciate that many people may have concerns about using credit cards to make purchases on-line. This is why all credit card payments via our website use Ireland’s premier payment services processor, Stripe, to ensure that you can use your personal or corporate credit card with the maximum of security.

Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a Level 1 Service Provider status against the international Payment Cards Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). The Level 1 Service Provider/Merchant category is the highest level in PCI DSS.

All payments made via Stripe also comply with the EU’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rule, part of PSD2 Regulation in Europe since September 2019.

Staff at Brussels Matters have no access to the personal credit card information that you will fill into the secure Stripe credit-card payment processing page. This page is hosted on the Stripe’s server, not the Brussels Matters server.

Changes to Brussels Matters receipts

Occasionally, we are asked to change a receipt for payment to participate in a discussion after Brussels Matters has issued the receipt based on the data provided at the time of registration.

Please check all the information provided on the registration page, including the correct name of your law firm / organisation and the VAT number as this information forms the basis for the receipts issued by Brussels Matters.

Requests to change receipts once they have been issued by Brussels Matters will incur an administration charge, currently 50% of the value of the transaction.

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